Municipality day of Vrsi 2016

Celebration of the Vrsi Municipality 10 years anniversary was held on 13.07.2016. Mayor, Sandra Vukić prof. together with her associates, and several members of the council of the Municipality of Vrsi laid wreaths on the graves of veteran Ivica Matuslović and Frane Vukić, former Council man and editor of Zadarski list newspaper. After the wreath laying, Mayor Sandra Vukić prof. and district-prefect of Zadar County Stipe Zrilić held appropriate speeches. Mayor thanked don Boris Pedić who is leaving Vrsi parish after five years for all of his achievements and cooperation. Mayor also thanked district-prefect of Zadar County, Mr. Stipe Zrilić and the whole administration of Zadar County for their cooperation as well as the president of the county council of HDZ Mr. Božidar Kalmeta. Moreover, Mayor expressed gratitude to her deputy Marijo Radobuljac, all of the employees of Vrsi Municipality, the residents of the Municipality of Vrsi, KUD Sv. Lovre and also the President of the Municipal Council Josip Ćošić.

District-prefect Mr. Stipe Zrilić, congratulated the Mayor for all of her achievements and hopes for further cooperation in 2016.

After the speeches, food was served for everyone attending in the Municipal building. KUD Sv. Lovre performed several traditional songs.

In the past year, 2015, total revenues of the Municipality of Vrsi reached the amount of 12,394,770.69 Kn, which is 33.04% more than in 2014. Total expenditures in 2015 amounted to 9,970,775.60 Kn. Most of the funds 6,441,785.29 Kn were spent on the construction and maintenance of municipal infrastructure. This included construction of public lighting, reconstruction of Bunarić in Vrsi, purchase of land for the expansion of the local cemetery in Vrsi, landscaping the yard around the school in Poljica, asphalting unclassified roads, maintenance of public lighting, waste removal, etc.

Municipality predicts revenue of 15,206,000.00 Kn in 2016.  Most of the funds will be spent on the maintenance and construction of municipal infrastructure, for which the budget is set to 7,766,058.93 Kn. It is intended to be spent in preparation of project documentation for water supply, unclassified roads, construction of public lighting, building local cemetery in Vrsi, construction of the morgue in Poljica, te construction of water supply facilities and equipment, landscaping around the fire station, renewal of walls around the church of Saint Mihovil in Poljica, maintenance of public areas, maintenance of unclassified roads and pathways, maintenance of public lighting, beaches and maintenance of cemetery.

Industrial zone Dušević Mlin is in the process of expropriation of land from the Croatian government to the Municipality of Vrsi, after which the municipality Vrsi will begin building infrastructure for the industrial zone. Construction permit has already been obtained.


The Municipality of Vrsi in the past period helped its residents through the following programs:

– The incentive for farmers to co-finance seed material

– Co-financing of transportation for secondary school students

– Scholarships for successful students and pupils

– Organisation of courses for adult education

– Care for preschool children and kindergarten Vrška Vila

– Encouraging and supporting sports and cultural associations in the Municipality of Vrsi

– Investment in religious buildings in the Municipality

– Allocation of funds for each new-born child and every new marriage

– Help with funeral assistance

– Christmas bonus for elderly residents

– Help for the sick and needy residents of the Municipality

– Assistance in the purchase of equipment for for primary school Petar Zoranić, Vrsi


After the reception, the party moved to Stara Gusterna where the Vrsi Municipality organized fun evening with free food and drink and music of Rockatansky band. Unfortunately, due to a sudden rain, celebration ended prior than expected. The municipality is grateful to all its residents and visitors that attended the celebration day of the Municipality of Vrsi.

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