Council rules of the Municipality of Vrsi

The Municipal Council is the representative body of citizens and local self-government which decides on Municipality Acts and performs other duties in accordance with law and the Statute of the Municipality of Vrsi. The Municipal Council consists of eleven councillors elected in accordance with the law. The mandate of each councillor is four years. The Municipal Council has a president and a vice president, elected among themselves. Rules are governed by the Rules of Procedure of the Municipal Council in accordance with the law and the Statute of the municipality.

Under the Municipal Government Act, councillors have the following duties:

  • to consider the welfare and interests of the municipality
  • to participate in the creation and application of the Municipal Statute,
  • to follow the rules of Procedure,
  • to create conditions, manners and procedures for management of the real estate owned by the Municipality,
  • to make decisions about the budget and the decisions on the execution of the budget,
  • to give semi-annual and annual reports on budget execution,
  • to make decisions about temporary financing
  • to participate in acquisition and alienation of movable and immovable property of the Municipality of Vrsi which individual value does not exceed 0.5% of the income generated in the year preceding the specified year.
  • in making decisions about changing the borders of Municipality
  • to obtain information about the operation or administration of the municipality from the chief administrative officer,
  • to take part in establishing public institutions, companies and other legal entities, for the pursuit of economical and other services and activities of interest to the Municipality,
  • to give preliminary approval to the Statute, if it is not provided by the law or by the decision on the Statute establishment,
  • to sign cooperation agreements with other local governments,
  • to organize a local referendum,
  • to elect and dismiss the president and vice-president of the Municipal Council,
  • to elect and dismiss presidents and members of the working bodies of the Municipal Council,
  • to define criteria, manner and procedure for the public recognitions awards and to assign public recognition awards,
  • to appoint and dismiss other persons bound by law, this Charter and separate decisions of the Municipal Council,
  • to perform any other duty or function imposed on councillors by this or any other enactment or by the council.

Members of the Council are:

  • Josip Ćošić, president, HDZ
  • Lovre Perinić, HDZ
  • Srećko Maraš, HDZ
  • Darko Dukić, HDZ
  • Siniša Marinković, HDZ
  • Danko Jurlina, HDZ
  • Zdravko Anić, HDZ
  • Ana Milutin, HDZ
  • Ivančica Perinić, SDP
  • Dražen Predovan, SDP
  • Marija Berec, HSP AS