Working hours are between 07 am – 1 pm.

Kindergarten Vrška Vila was founded in 2007. The kindergarten has two half day educational groups. The groups also have integrated preschool program.

The principal of the kindergarten is Tomislava Perinić. Educators are Davorka Kožul and Tomislava Perinić.

Vrška Vila
Dr.Franje Tuđmana 6,
23235 Vrsi

Phone: 023/360-904


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  • Working hours are 7.00-13.00 h (except weekends and holidays),
  • Children should arrive by 9 AM,
  • Children should be of good health,
  • It is not allowed to bring syrups, drops or medicine. If the child is sick, parent should proceed with therapy at home and get a paediatricians’ note before bringing the child again to kindergarten,
  • Children can not walk alone to kindergarten but to be brought by their parents or guardians. The teacher must be notified when the child arrives,
  • Visitors (except parents coming and going) should be announced,
  • For safety purposes entrance door is locked at 09 AM,
  • Parents and guardians must follow the working hours and procedures of the kindergarten,
  • Child can be brought to kindergarten by parent or a person authorized by the parent or guardian over the age of 18. Underage persons are not allowed to bring a child to kindergarten or take the child home,
  • The teacher should be notified when the child is brought to kindergarten and when the child leaves,
  • Parents and guardians must keep their phone numbers updated,
  • Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the kindergarten.








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