The Mayor of Vrsi Municipality
Sandra Vukić, prof.


Deputy Mayor
Marijo Radobuljac

Zamjenik načelnice

The Mayor of the Municipality of Vrsi represents the municipality and is the holder of the executive power of the municipality. The Mayor is elected by local direct elections. The Mayor will perform tasks set by the Statute of Vrsi municipality, in accordance with the law. The Mayor is responsible to the central state administrative bodies for the performance of administration transferred by the state authority to the Municipality.

The Mayor, in addition to tasks stipulated by law, performs the following tasks:

  • preparing draft regulations
  • execution and enforcement of general acts of the Municipal Council,
  • proposes the Municipality’s budget and its enforcement
  • manages real estate, movable property and property rights owned by the municipality in accordance with the law, municipalities’ Statute and general acts of the Municipal Council,
  • decides on the acquisition and alienation of movable and immovable property of the Municipality of Vrsi whose individual value does not exceed 0.5% of income generated in the year preceding the year in questions,
  • acquisition and alienation of movable and immovable property, up to 1,000,000 HRK, if the acquisition and disposal is planned in the budget and conducted in accordance with legal regulations,
  • manages revenue and expenditures of the Municipality,
  • manages the funds in the budget of the municipality,
  • decides on sponsorships,
  • gives consent for loans and guarantees for legal entities that are directly or indirectly owned by the municipality,
  • establishes rules of internal order of the administrative authorities of the Municipality,
  • appoints and dismisses head officers in municipal administration,
  • carries out assembly work of companies under the ownership of the Municipality,
  • appoints and dismisses internal auditor,
  • establishes a plan of job admission within the governing bodies of the Municipality,
  • makes the criteria for evaluating municipal officials and the manner in which the evaluation will be conducted,
  • proposes the creation of a spatial plan and its amendments on the basis of reasoned proposals by both private persons and legal entities,
  • may entrust the preparation of urban plans and performing other activities to Urban development office,
  • considers and affirms the final proposal of the spatial planning,
  • manages Municipal real estate,
  • adopts a plan of public procurement,
  • adopts a plan of managing maritime domain of the Municipality,
  • makes a decision on the publication of offers for invitations for tender,
  • makes concession contracts for the performance of public utilities,
  • decides on publication of invitation of tender for the performance of public utilities,
  • gives prior approval to possible variations of the utility prices,
  • by the end of March of the current year, the Mayor makes a report to the Municipal Council in regards to implementation and execution of the Program for communal infrastructure maintenance;
  • determines the conditions, criteria and the procedure for determining the order of priority for the purchase of an apartment in the state-subsidized program,
  • conducts a competitive process and decides on the most suitable offer for the office space rental, owned by the Municipality,
  • organizes fire protection and ensures proper implementation and precautionary measures for its improvement,
  • directs the activities of administrative departments and services of the Municipality in the performance of tasks and authorities of the Municipality. Same conditions apply if such tasks are transferred from the state to the Municipality.
  • supervises the work of the administrative departments and services in governmental scope and state administration,
  • gives an official opinion on the proposals submitted by other authorized proponents,
  • supervises the legality of work of local committees,
  • establishes advisory bodies for carrying out tasks within its scope and selects consultants and other professionals engaged in the performance of professional activities within the scope of the Municipality,
  • fulfils other tasks within the Municipality Statute and other regulations.