Okoliš - Općina Vrsi

Vrsi is proud of its crystal clear sea and beaches that our guests and residents enjoy. Let’s protect our environment and marine animals accordingly. Water pollution can lead to destruction of the eco system, death of marine life as well as the disruption of the food chain. Seabirds mistake floating plastic for food and ingest it. It has been estimated that over a million of seabirds and one hundred thousand marine animals are killed each year by either eating or getting tangled in plastic pieces. Think before you throw!

Don’t forget to recycle. If all of the newspaper worldwide, on this day would be recycled, 250 000 000 tree could be saved. You can dispose of electrical waste for free.




Glass bottle (Lifespan: 1 million years)
Okoliš - staklena boca
Aluminum foil (Lifespan: 10 years)
Bottle caps (Lifespan: 300 years)
Okoliš - metalni čepovi
Plastic bag (Lifespan: 35-60 years)
Okoliš - plastična vrećica
Batteries (Lifespan: 1000 years)
Okoliš - baterije
Plastic bottle (Lifespan: 300-500 years)

Okoliš - plastična boca

Plastic pieces (Lifespan: 450 years)
Okoliš - komadi plastike
Aluminum cans 200-500 years)
Okoliš - limenke