Municipality of Vrsi has established a Single Administrative Department to manage the tasks authorised to the Municipality by Croatian law and the Statute of Vrsi Municipality. The structure of the Single administrative department was decided by the special decision of the Municipal Council in accordance with the law and the Statute. Single administrative department is managed by the Principal who was appointed by the means of a public tender. Principal is responsible to the Mayor in regards to all of the activities conducted by the Single Administrative Department.

Single Administrative Department is authorised to:

  • execute laws and other regulations, decisions and by-laws made by the Municipal Council or the Mayor,
  • solve administrative issues,
  • supervise,
  • maintain diligence and control of administrative issues,
  • take measures authorised by law or the Statute,
  • prepare draft decisions and other general acts,
  • make possible for all the citizens and legal entities to exercise their rights,
  • performs other tasks.

Employees in the Single administrative department of the Municipality of Vrsi:

  • Josip Devčić – the Principal